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Your Own Easter Egg Hunt — Custom Wooden Eggs & Adventure

The Guinness World Record for the largest Easter egg hunt occurred April 1, 2007, at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Winter Haven, FL. On that spring day, 9753 children and their parents searched for 501,000 Easter eggs! It’s quite amazing how much joy a colorful little wooden egg, hidden in the yard, can bring. And while… Read more »

How Your Order Gets Turned

As a leading manufacturer of wooden homewares, promotional items and tool handles, we deploy several types of lathe machines to turn your products. Our capabilities enable us to produce rolling pins, furniture spindles, craft parts, tool handles and baseball bats. Watching these machines run is mesmerizing. Check out our new YouTube channel to see how… Read more »

Architect Michael Green Is Calling For Rapid Systemic Change In The Way We Build

Forget steel, straw, concrete, shipping containers, and rammed earth. Use wood to erect urban skyscrapers! Architect Michael Green is calling for a rapid systemic change in the way we build. To end the global housing and climate crises, he says, we need to get past innovation-stifling regulations and well-meaning but misguided ideas popularized by mainstream media…. Read more »

This morning I discovered the spurtle!

This morning I discovered the spurtle! Ever heard of this kitchen implement? Think Scottish. Think oats. Think timeless. Think wood-turned product. Did you know there’s even a Golden Spurtle Award: Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill took the 2016 award at Carrbridge, Scotland. Congratulations! And yes, we make a wooden spurtle at Wells Wood!

Wells Wood Turning and Finishing Inc. Acquired by New Owners

Buckfield company manufactures rolling pins, tool handles, knobs, bats and custom turnings BUCKFIELD, ME — Wells Wood Turning and Finishing Inc., a leading manufacturer of wooden homewares, furniture components and promotional items in Central Maine, has been acquired by Turning Acquisitions LLC., with the new owners taking over operations on Nov. 28. Christian Chandler and… Read more »