Finishing, Printing & Ferruling

Wood Finishing

Known for our reliable and high-quality finishing, we finish the wood products we manufacture with stains, clear varnishes, standard or custom colors, and economical waxes. Our experienced team in “The Paint Shop” uses standard colors and finishes to help you achieve the look you want. We also work closely with the coatings manufacturers to develop custom color matches and gloss levels. If you are looking to finish a part previously manufactured elsewhere, we can do that too! Ask us to quote on “finish only.”

Wells Wood Turning & Finishing offers two types of custom finishing for wood turnings: Tumble Finishing and Dip Finishing.

Tumble Finishing is a process where a barrel is used to tumble the turnings in paint, varnish or wax. Often, a base coat is used to seal the wood, followed by multiple coatings that are carefully built up to achieve the desired look. After drying in specialized ovens, the finished product is hand packed and prepared for shipping, or readied for additional secondary processes, like ferruling.

Dip Finishing is a process where larger parts are individually arranged on dipping boards and then carefully dipped into typically a clear, waterborne varnish. Multiple coats are applied to achieve the desired look. The same process can be used for dipping in specific colors, often with mini-baseball bats or dowels for furniture.



Wood Printing

Show your brand or re-enforce your organization’s message by printing on a finished or unfinished wood turning. Customize your tool, muddler or promotional item by applying your logo or emblem. Make it memorable!

Printing can be handled in different ways. Screen printing can be used for part numbers, company names or logos and other promotional artwork, typically on longer items. Similarly, pad printing can be used to apply logos or seals, but typically on items like wooden Easter eggs or small tool handles. Branding can be used to imprint company names or product information for promotional purposes. Finally, laser engraving can be used to “burn” artwork and logos into items of various size, from small brush handles to rolling pins.


Many tool handles, brushes and some pieces of sporting equipment require ferrules. Typically a metal ring or cap, a ferrule strengthens a joint and prevents splitting and wearing at the connector end of the wood handle. Ferruling usually involves crimping a circular clamp to tighten it onto the part that holds it. The ferrule may then “host” bristles, brushes or a metal tool part. Ferrules are also referred to as eyelets or grommets within the manufacturing industry.

Let us install your ferrule. We can also guide you to standard sizes that will help minimizes special tooling charges in your project.