Custom Wooden Tool Handles

Wells Wood Turning & Finishing manufactures custom wooden tool handles in many diameters, lengths, tapers and wood types. We are a key part of the supply chain for wholesale and retail companies. Our customers offer custom wooden tool and brush handles across a variety of industries, including construction and contracting, upholstery and textiles, kitchen and cooking, sport and recreation, and gardening and outdoors.

  • wood beekeeper handles
  • wood gavel handles
  • wood oar handles
  • wood brush handles
  • wood grill handles
  • wood stove handles
  • wood gardening handles
  • wood mallet handles
  • wood striker handles

Custom Wood Tool Handle on a Spool LatheWe make custom wood handles in several wood species, including white and yellow birch, rock maple and ash. We source our raw materials from responsibly managed forests.

Wells Wood Turning is certified with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), meaning we can provide chain-of-custody certification for raw materials used in production, if customers require. We are also part of the Real American Hardwood Coalition.

As an original manufacturer — not a middleman — we typically produce custom wood tool handles on specifications in bulk quantities. We ship directly to clients and drop-ship to assemblers across the United States and Canada.


We pay close attention to quality control — starting with wood kiln dried to the correct moisture content — so exacting specifications are met across all aspects of your purchase order. After turning, our secondary manufacturing capabilities on wood brush and woo tool handles include:

Custom wooden tool handle with black finish
  • End bore and cross bore
  • Through-hole
  • Tenon
  • Slot and slab
  • Ferrule
  • Insert and hangar bolt

Add a Finish to Your Wooden Tool and Brush Handle 

Wells Wood Turning can finish your custom handle with a stain, clear varnish, enamel paint or wax. The finishing method depends on the profile and size of your piece. Smaller wood handles with simpler profiles are typically finished in our bulk tumblers. Larger handles with more complex profiles are dipped in tanks and dried on racks. Some custom wood handles produced in a small quantity might be hand-wiped with an oil finish.

As a final branding touch, we can laser engrave, pad print, emboss or hot brand a wood handle with your emblem or logo.

Go direct to the factory!


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