Baseball mini bats for souvenirs -- custom imprints

Baseball Mini Bats with Custom Imprints

Step up to the plate with custom 18 inch baseball mini bats from Wells Wood Turning & Finishing. Turned with sustainable hardwood from the northeastern US, our personalized mini bats bats are made in Buckfield, Maine, USA! Available in multiple finishes, we sell to sports teams, leagues, civic organizations and marketing groups.

Perfect for parties, team recognition, marketing events and even Santa Clause, these promotional bats are manufactured right at our mill. The bats are turned on one our back knife lathes, an automatic machine designed for production of longer-length turnings like baseball bats, as well as more detailed pieces like spindles, furniture parts, police nightsticks and walking canes. Watch the back knife lathe making a mini-bat, here.


Personalized baseball Mini-Bats Made for Wholesale and Retail Buyers 

Using yellow birch, maple or ash hardwood, we manufacture customized souvenir bats in a variety of sizes: key chains, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 28, 29, 34 and even 48 inches (not so mini)! Bats can be dipped in standard or custom colors, or simply finished with a classy clear varnish. All our finishes are water-based — good for our employees and good for the environment! And we can pad print your logo or message on the mini bat to help you really hit your project or event out of the park. Bats are available throughout the year — best to order early!


18″ mini-bat size: 1.25” wide x 18” long

Colors: clear varnish, black, pink, red, navy (dark) blue, bee yellow (others quoted on request)

Printing: image and / or name on 1 side

Print area: about 1.15″ tall x about 4.00 long

Ink colors: white, black, blue, green, red, yellow (others quoted on request)





 18 inch mini bats customized for wholesale and retail
  Quantity 100 300 500 1000 2500 5000+
Unprinted Bat
  Sanded / Unfinished (each) $2.95 $2.82 $2.70 $2.60 $2.49 $2.30
  Finished Clear (each) $3.35 $3.25 $3.15 $2.95 $2.85 $2.75
  Finished With Standard Color (each) N/A $3.48 $3.35 $3.20 $3.15 $2.95
Pad Printed Bat – Finished
  Color or varnish / print 1 side N/A $4.14 $3.84 $3.58 $3.37 $3.10


Set-up fee of $150 per image. Shipping not included.