White House Easter Eggs for 2021 Now Available

The White House Hist2021 Wood Eggs for White House Easter Egg Rollorical Association (WHHA) has released a comprehensive offering of online events and activities to celebrate the springtime tradition of the White House Easter Eggs and White House Egg Roll.

The Association’s annual Official White House Easter Eggs featuring President and Dr. Biden’s two dogs, Major and Champ, are also now on pre-sale.

Since this year’s in-person event has been cancelled due to COVID-19, The Virtual White House Easter scavenger hunt includes fun facts about the history of the Easter Egg Roll, the White House and the people who have lived in the Executive Mansion. Using the new 360-degree virtual tour of the White House, this interactive egg hunt will challenge players to find ten “fun facts” about the history of the Easter Egg Roll placed throughout the Executive Mansion. A “fill in the blank” educational worksheet can be completed when all the “fun facts” are located. Completed worksheets can be submitted for a chance to win one of five commemorative 2021 wooden egg sets.

“We are thrilled to continue our long tradition of celebrating the holiday with these beautiful wooden White House Easter eggs that feature special members of the Biden family, Major and Champ,” said Stewart McLaurin, President of the WHHA. “While families around the country continue to social distance, we’re confident that this year’s virtual event series, and the personalized nature of the eggs featuring President and Mrs. Biden’s family pets, will offer a spirit of celebration.”

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