Wooden Rolling Pins Bursting with Whimsy and Wonder

Custom Wooden Rolling Pin Laser EngravedWhimsical mermaids. Wonderful birds. Bursting sunflowers. These rolling pins with laser engraving have been custom-designed by Elaine Diamond at Vermont Pottery Works.

Elaine has laser engraved these patterns onto selected hardwood rolling pins from Wells Wood Turning & Finishing. The patterns are ingeniously transferred to plates, platters and cups upon rolling out the clay.

Elaine is an artist, painter and potter living and working in the Green Mountains of Vermont. She says clay and glazes have a mind of their own, so pottery has taught her to be patient, less rigid and more flexible. Every day leads to a new adventure. You can see Elaine’s gallery and purchase one of her pins here.


Manufacture of Wooden Rolling Pins with Laser Engraving

From all-purpose to precision, Wells Wood Turning manufactures custom and proprietary wood rolling pins — many of the most popular rolling pins on the market today — under exclusive contract. Contact us today to discuss your design and production requirements. We have the manufacturing capacity to supply a nationwide roll-out of pins.

Our Maine factory provides a wide variety of rolling pins for passionate, commercial and part-time bakers alike. Our rolling pins, manufactured in different hardwoods at the mill in Buckfield, USA, are sold by retailers, specialty cookie and biscuit businesses, and high-quality housewares companies around the country. We can now add potters to our list!

Custom Hardwood Rolling Pin with Laser Engraving

Wooden Rolling Pins Need Loving Care!

“How do I clean my rolling pin?” is a question we often get. Care is actually very simple, with a few straightforward guidelines. First, after using your pin, remove as much dough as you can by hand or blunt utensil. Avoid scraping the wood. Second, wash with warm, very mildly soapy water and dry immediately. Third, from time to time, you should condition the wood with beeswax or mineral oil. DO NOT soak your rolling pin in the sink or put it through the dishwasher, as these approaches will cause warping and crack the wood. That’s it!