America’s Wooden Egg Supplier Turns White House Easter Eggs

We are very pleased to announce that Wells Wood Turning & Finishing will again supply the colorful Maine-made wooden eggs for the 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll.

“As new owners of Wells Wood Turning and Finishing, we are simply delighted to provide the eggs again,” said Simon Varney, vice president and co-owner of the company. “We recognize that it’s a bit of a challenge for a new White House to deal with myriad transition details, but our staff has been very responsive and is highly experienced in moving the eggs through the mill.”

The Egg Roll itself will take place on Monday, April 17, on the South Lawn of the White HousMaine-made Wooden eggs for White House Easter Egg Rolle,
continuing a tradition started in 1878 by President Rutherford B Hayes. In past years, the event has included an Easter egg hunt, storytelling and live musical performances.

“Our team has hopped to this year’s production requirements,” Varney said. “The Wells staff has sprang into action in order to play our small role in this wonderful historic tradition. We are America’s wooden egg supplier!”

Manufacturing the eggs is a multi-step process that involves turning each piece fromyellow birch on a high-capacity lathe machine, trimming the ends for shape, sanding,barrel painting with various colors and then rapidly printing images and signatures, in different ink colors, on each side of the eggs.

Located in Buckfield, Wells Wood Turning is a leading manufacturer of wooden rolling pins, furniture components, tool and knife handles, and craft parts. The company specializes in custom turnings, and also provides a variety of unique promotional items, including mini-baseball bats, cocktail muddlers and spurtles.

Varney and partner Chris Chandler, president of the company, acquired Wells in November 2016. The company employs 30 people and has obtained certification from the Forest Stewardship Council for the promotion of responsible forestry management.