Custom Wooden Tool Handles, Toys & Craft Parts

Wells Wood Turning & Finishing manufactures hardwood tool handles, toys and craft parts in a variety of shapes, sizes and wood types. Our team produces handles for garden, commercial and kitchen tools that have holes in one or both ends, require cross-bores, and have tenons that fit to a joining part. Some handles have through-holes that fitting metal tools must pass through smoothly. Tool handles are typically manufactured in ash, yellow or white birch, or rock maple, depending on customer requirements.

Our turned toys include doll bodies, snowmen, game pieces, wheels and smoke stacks. Wooden craft parts include balls, beads, Christmas trees, spools and shaker pegs. Toys and craft parts are typically made in rock maple, yellow or white birch. They are usually tumble sanded, and can be finished or unfinished. These pieces end up being marketing in online and printed catalogs, or through physical retail outlets.



Let Us Turn Your Custom Tool or Part

We pay close attention to quality control so that exact specifications are met across your entire purchase order. For example, our experienced team knows how to allow for shrinkage if a part is being finished, as well as the best way to finish a part for printing. We know the best drill size to use for installing dowels screws or hanger bolts in different wood specie. And we recognize the importance of consistent color from one production batch to another.

Contact us today to discuss a custom wooden handle, toy or craft part. Whether you’re at the beginning of your design cycle or trying to find a better supplier, we can provide design assistance in developing the best combination of form, function and wood specie, at a cost-effective price point.

  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    Watch us make a snowman with hat on a spool machine